Below is a list of our most common questions.

What are Bacon Meatballs?

We take our bacon and grind it to the same consistency as ground beef, combine it with the brisket point ground up at a 50/50 ratio. Mix in just a few spices, then made into ¼ pound meatballs. (No filler just meat and spices.) Off into the smoker. 2 hours later, out they come and onto your plate, with a piece of cornbread, no sauce is added so it is ready for your own taste. Comes in at a ½ pound on the plate.

What is in our rubs?

We use spices, herbs and little (salmon) to no sugars (everything else) so it is Keto friendly.  For specific ingredients in our rubs, feel free to ask when you are in.

What is in you Chicken Sandwich?

A pulled chicken sandwich smoked with a citrus herb rub as its only company.  Served on a sourdough bun. Tasty, its often enjoyed with our Sriracha mayonnaise or sweet red pepper sauce.